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Anyone who visits BC Children’s Hospital, even for a short visit, quickly understands why there is a campaign to build a new hospital. It’s crowded and noisy, and just not what you would consider a health environment for healing. Beds are separated only by curtains making infection and noise control almost impossible, and cramped quarters means many parents are unable to sleep the night next to their child.

After twenty years of “making it work” in a Hospital that was overcapacity the day it opened its doors, doctors and nurses know exactly what they need from a new Hospital to improve chances of a quick visit and a healthy outcome. But to make this hospital not just good, but great, to make it a real healing environment, we had to first understand from the kids perspective what they need for a comfortable stay.

Last year, I had the privilege to sit in on focus groups with children from Vancouver, Prince George and Victoria to hear what they wanted to see in a Hospital. Their responses and drawings were incredibly powerful and I would love to share some of these ideas with you. For privacy reasons, I have changed their names.

John’s idea of what hospitals are like today

Existing Hospital 2 (Outside)1


Jane’s ideal hospital

Ideal Hospital 2

Courtyard in the middle with tables, etc

Enclosed glass sunrooms around courtyard for patients that cannot go outside

A pond with a bridge

Everyone has their own room

No waiting

Comfy beds

More connected to the outside world  – not isolated

Hospital smells like home

Hospital is designed to feel like you are at home

Fireplaces to turn on if cold

Warm blankets of good quality


You feel like you are at home, not being treated at a hospital

3 words to describe it:  friendly, homey, comfortable


Jill’s ideal hospital

Ideal Hospital 4

Colourful and happy

Different shaped windows

Rooms are penthouse like

King sized beds

Your favourite celebrity to greet you

All free amenities – i.e phone, tv, cable

Pets could stay

As many family in the room at any given time as you want

Smart doctors

Rooftop café

No smoking anywhere near the building

Everyone leaves happy and healthy

3 words to describe it: warm, welcoming, dreamy


How would you describe your ideal hospital? Share your drawings of what a BC Children’s Hospital room should be like. Register your community or join an existing community and download the template to submit your drawing.


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