Supporting Children’s Hospital in Memory of her Little Angel

October 1, 2009 at 5:10 pm Leave a comment

Ella_Plaque_5x7 At BC Children’s Hospital miraculous things take place every day. A child laughs through the pain, relieved parents greet their kids after surgery, and lives are saved. Indeed, it’s a surprisingly hopeful place.

 But let’s face it; despite best efforts not all children survive their illness or injuries. I can’t imagine the amount of pain a parent must feel when their child passes, or the amount of strength it must take to get out of bed and continue living every day.

 One of my personal heroes is a woman named Yolaine, who I met last year in the Children’s Intensive Care Unit. By the time we met, Yo’s daughter, Ella, had in hospital four straight months. Born with bad lungs, Ella was constantly struggling to breath and was supported by a ventilator most of the day, every day. Ella was a fighter from the start and she gave her mom and dad, Chris, eight beautiful months to cherish before slipping away in her sleep last March.

The ICU was her home for five full months and the place she passes away in, so it would be completely understandable if Yo and Chris walked away from this place and never wanted to look back.Ella in ICU

 Early April, as I was running in to Starbucks for my daily fix when I bumped into Yo. Smiling, she bounced over to me and we chatted about how things had been going, and the plans she and her family had to honour Ella. She eagerly pressed me for anything and everything she could do to help share Ella’s story and help support the Hospital. I was floored.

 For the past six months, Yo has focused on the positive memories her family has of the Hospital – the loving staff, the resources made available to the entire family to ensure they are all doing okay, and the support system she developed with other patient families.  Now one of our biggest supporters she was the second person to sign up for the Super Community with the ELLA – Everyone Loves Little Angels community and I want to say it is an honour to have her on board.

Ella was a gift to Yo and Chris, but also for all of the Children’s Hospital family. Thank you Yo for giving us time to know Ella.

Cheer Yolaine and ELLA – Everyone Loves Little Angels on or tell us about a super kids that you know by nominating them as a Super Kid.


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