Paige: Losing My Hair

October 20, 2009 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

Paige (6)

My thick auburn hair

As a little girl, the feature I loved most about myself was my thick auburn hair. My mom couldn’t take me anywhere without people commenting on it. I guess you could say it really defined me.  Even though I was warned that I would lose my hair, I wasn’t prepared for it.

Waking up to see my pillow covered in a blanket of hair, and watching it fallout slowly every second of every day, was extremely difficult. I still wish that there was someway kids with cancer could keep their hair and have one less thing to deal with. It really impacted my brother Chase. I think it was because it was a constant, in your face, reminder of how ill I really was.

One of my many hats

One of my many hats

My family and especially my little brother made a point to tell me, I was beautiful, everyday. My karate sensei donated her hair for my wig so it would be similar to my own colour. It really touched my heart. A friend of my mom made me the greatest hats and made sure I had one to go with every outfit I owned.

I was bald for 10 months. There was a period of time when I would look in the mirror and I wouldn’t recognize myself. I didn’t look anything like myself; it was like looking at a stranger. I felt like I was losing Paige. Everywhere I went people would stare at me, and I could see the obvious pity in their eyes. The only time I didn’t feel out of place, or like a walking spectacle was at the hospital. It certainly taught me to see people’s inner qualities, and never to judge someone by the way they look.


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