Super Community Submissions Highlight: Evan Pollard

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I met Evan a few years back when he and his mom volunteered to do a live interview about their BC Children’s Hospital story on Rock 101 at our annual Radiothon, raising funds for the hospital. While most 10-year-olds shy away from experiences like this, Evan got right in there and started interviewing the radio hosts! Evan is  a spirited kid who can bring a smile to anyone’s face, and I am so happy that he was nominated in the search for a Super Kid.  Learn a little about Evan in the words of his parents:

Why Evan Pollard-Kennedy is a BC Children’s Hospital Super Kid

Evan PollardEvan Pollard-Kennedy, now 14, was born with an extremely rare syndrome called Kabuki.  There are less the 500 known cases in the world today. 

Evan has had many challenges in life.  He has had numerous operations including heart when he was only a few weeks old.  He has hip dysplasia and hypotonia, which makes it difficult for him to walk long distances, run, or do anything that requires fine motor skills.  When Evan was nine, he was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune blood disorder.  He has bravely fought his challenges associated with the disorder throughout the years and has maintained a positive attitude during some very difficult times.

 Those are a few of Evan’s challenges.  Or should I say they are challenges to the many, many people who love and care about Evan.  Because Evan, for the most part, is unfazed by his challenges. 

 This little guy inspires people of all ages and walks of life.  Love and joy radiate from him.  When he walks into a room, he lights it up.  His laugh is infectious and beautiful.  His concern for others is unparalleled.  He has likely sent more greeting cards, given more gifts and flowers than most, if not everyone we know.  From a touch of a hand for a sad-looking stranger in a wheel chair, to bringing smiles to other children with special needs, Evan has this uncanny ability to bring joy into the hearts to untold numbers. 

 Ask the staff at Children’s hospital who know him, the ladies at Tim Horton’s near where his mother works, or the fire fighters who were touched by Evan’s impromptu speech at the funeral of a family friend and firefighter who lost his fight to cancer.  Ask the many elderly people who Evan spends time with, bringing joy to their lives. Ask the strangers who approach him to introduce themselves to him simply because of his aura.   Grocery stores, restaurants, beaches, hospitals, funerals and weddings…everywhere he goes.

 Evan Pollard3Many people have said “Evan is an old soul”, Some believe that once a soul has lived many lives on earth, it can choose to move on to a higher level or return back to earth to teach people something.  Whether you believe this or not, if you spend time with Evan, many strangers will eventually have you considering that there is definitely something incredibly special about Evan.  To many, Evan is definitely a Super Kid.  He makes the sad smile with a single touch and makes people who are struggling with their health happy with his laughter, his kindness and his generosity. 

 If we could choose one thing to say about Evan it would be:  “To know Evan is to love Evan.  He senses when people are lonely or depressed and he reaches out them – showering them with love, affection, and humour, which inevitably draws smiles where there were none before.”

 In the opinion of many, that in itself would make Evan a Super Kid!

 Sincerely,  Linda & Jim Kennedy

Watch a video of Evan singing at a family friend’s wedding. The song he chose, Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”, reflects his positive and fun-loving nature. Considering Evan only began to speak when he was eight, it also shows off how far he has come.

Evan Pollard2

Click on the image above to launch the YouTube video.


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