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I hope everyone was able to pick up a Vancouver Sun newspaper yesterday to see the great spread on the 2009 Super Community, Eagle Point in Port Moody. If not, please feel free to read the online version: Vancouver Sun article.

We had so many amazing submissions that it was incredibly hard for our judges to make the final decision! The good news is, there are lots of other entries I can keep sharing with you!

Today I am going to focus on a girl name Nimrit Basra, who the judges decided should take a Super Kid honourable mention.

IMG_1821 NimritNimrit has a close bond with BC Children’s Hospital. Not through her personal care, but through her little sister, Jeevan’s extensive care at BC Children’s Hospital. Nimrit has been the quite hero throughout her sister’s life. Always there to help her parents out, to play with and encourage her sister, and to set an example for other kids who are looking to support the Hospital. Over the years I have known Nimrit, she has changed a lot – she is growing so tall and blossomed into a young lady. But what has never changed in my impressions of Nimrit, is that she is a hero to her sister, her family, and to those of us at the Hospital who get to see her unwavering character.

Here is Nimrit’s nomination letter for Super Kid, written in her dad’s words.

As you are aware, our daughter Jeevan has a very close ongoing relationship with BC Children’s Hospital. 
I remember when Jeevan was about to be born, my daughter Nimrit was excited to have a baby come home. Because of Jeevan’s health issues, she did not come home for several months, and it took quite some time before Nimrit was able to understand what Jeevan was going through, and why her baby sister was not home with the family, as she was seeing so many of her friends and relatives bring home new siblings.
Jeevan’s struggles have had a positive impact on Nimrit.
Nimrit is Jeevan’s big sister and she is also her hero.  through Jeevan’s challenges,  Nimrit has learned the importance and meaning of caring, patience, support and respect.
Nimrit supports Jeevan a great deal by giving Jeevan time to accomplish her tasks and goals without stepping in and just doing it all for her.  She asks Jeevan for permission to help her with her fine motor skill tasks, such as cleaning her glasses or changing her hearing aid batteries.  She waits patiently while Jeevan attempts her goals and then encourages and congratulations her on her accomplishments. 
In our school community, Nimrit has taken on a large role in fundraising efforts for BC Children’s Hospital.  Nimrit raises awareness of the importance of this hospital not only for Jeevan but for our entire community. 
Nimrit has shared her personal experience of having a sibling who spends a lot of time at BC Children’s Hospital.  She has talked about how she feels when her parents have to leave her with relatives in the middle of the night because her sister had to go to the hospital.  She has shared her stories of how she felt when she saw her sister in the hospital with medical equipment attached to her, and how she felt when her parents would not let her touch her sister because they were afraid she would pull out her g-tube or hurt her.
By Nimrit sharing these stories she has empowered friends and family members who have siblings with connections to Children’s Hospital to express their feelings.
IMG_1971 NimritNimrit is a strong member of our “Jeevan’s Journey” fundraising team.  She wears her BC Childrun t-shirt with great pride.  She reminds family and friends to sign up for our team run every year and she reminds team members to fundraise. She collects her change throughout the year, making sure to donate it to the hospital. She helps with our fundraising efforts, and encourages her friends to participate. She has always been eager to participate and help out with fundraisers.
Nimrit cares for Jeevan a great deal, helping take care of her, encouraging her, listening to her, and always making time for her. She understands the struggles Jeevan faces and helps her overcome obstacles.
Nimrit is what a big sister should be. Jeevan Jeevan says her hero is Nimrit and Jeevan is right. Each day, she always lends a helping hand when she can. She always makes sure Jeevan is okay at school, always looking out for her. She is a very caring girl who also has made close friends with others who have benefitted from the hospital. She realizes the importance of caring for others and shows them the respect they deserve. 
IMG_4384Nimrit teaches Jeevan how to play the piano and always tells her she is doing great. There is something extra special in their relationship and it shows, I am amazed at how much care she shows for her. We are all very proud of Nimrit and Jeevan.
Nimrit tells us she when she grows up, she wants to go into the medical field and help children at BC Children’s Hospital.
We are very fortunate and blessed with the children we have. They inspire us and give us hope for tomorrow.
On behalf of Jeevan and the Basra Family, I would like to nominate Nimrit Basra as a Super Kid.
Thank you,
Sanddip Basra


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Our Super Community Winner: Eagle Point Town Home Complex Healing Arts

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