Paige: I’m Really Grateful for My Family

November 3, 2009 at 12:01 am 2 comments

Paige018One of the things in life that I am most grateful for is my family.  My family has always been a very close one.  The truth is that I can’t imagine having gone through my battle with cancer without each and every one of them by my side.  Over all, most of my friends, with the exception of one or two who have become very much a part of my family circle, do not understand why I am so close to my family.  They don’t really understand why I spend as much time with my family as I do, nor do they understand why I would want to.  Yes, they are normal teenagers. 

When I went through my treatments, my family became an even greater force of love, support, and comfort.  I had cancer, but they fought cancer with me, by my side, every step of the way.  My mom stayed with me at the hospital day and night.  Every minute I spent in hospital, she spent with me.

I felt really bad sometimes because I could see how emotionally and physically exhausted she was but I was so grateful that she never left.  I really didn’t like her leaving my room for even a few minutes, and I honestly would have been crushed if she left for the day and I think she knew that too.  She was my anchor!  Though there was a very close bond between me and my mom, that bond managed to grow even stronger as each day went by.

My little brother, Chase, is the best brother any child could ever hope for.  During all my treatments, I actually learned to appreciate him more.  We never fight; we are very protective of each other, and always considerate of each other’s feelings.  When I was in hospital, he tried hard to keep me entertained as much as possible.  He would go to school and come to the hospital right after.  He would eat there, do his homework there, and then go home late at night to do it all over again.  My older sister, Ashleigh, would do much the same thing.  She went to work, left early, would help pick up Chase and then they would come straight to the hospital.

I think my dad was probably the most understated presence in the hospital during our stays.  He was always there for support when I needed him but my mom filled most of that role for me.  My dad must have been road crazy by the time we were done.  He came out to Children’s each and every morning to see me and bring hospital supplies.  I lost track of the number of times each day that he was sent to get coffee, food, toys, and medication.  He would go home each night with my brother and sister to help them get ready for the next day, and get up in the morning to come back to the hospital and do it all over again.

I love my family, and I cherish every single minute that I have to spend with them.  I know that when the chips are down, no matter what, we will always be there to love and support each other.  Through this whole ordeal, not one of them every complained about a thing.  I can’t thank or love them enough for what they have done for me and I would do the same for any one of them.  How blessed are we?


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  • 1. Amanda  |  November 3, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    This is the 1st time I’ve come across this blog. While I understand a lot of people are writing, i must say…. Paige, your an amazing girl. You see wise ahead of your years. Your family is very lucky to have such a special daughter/sister/niece/granddaughter….family member. I hope to read many more posts from you. 🙂


  • 2. Paige  |  November 4, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Hi Amanda,

    I wanted to thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to send me such a nice note. Your comment was really sweet, and it meant a lot to me. I really am the lucky one. I couldn’t have gone through everything the way I did without my family’s support.

    Luv Paige


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