Paige: Meet My Extended Family

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Paige018During my treatments, I established a connection with quite a few caregivers at BC Children’s Hospital.  I would love to share some of these experiences with you.  I hope it will give you all some idea of the kind of doctors, nurses, and staff we are privileged to have caring for the children of our province.

Dr. Dix was my oncologist. Not only did I trust Dr. Dix with my life, he is the sweetest doctor in the world, and his warm heart reminds me of a loveable teddy bear.  I hope I am allowed to say that!  Oh well, the secret is out of the bag now!  Dr Ewa was my fellow oncologist and was in charge of my care under Dr. Dix.  Dr. Ewa is the sweetest, smartest, most caring doctor.  I am grateful to have had her as my fellow and one day she will be the best mom to some very lucky children.  Dr. Ewa, Dr. Rebecca, nurse Juliana, and Andrea, one of the social workers, actually attended two of my school plays.  It was the nicest, kindest thing they could have done for me during my treatments and it meant the world to me.  The staff at the hospital genuinely care about each and every child that enters those doors.In neurology, I became very close to a nurse named Melissa.  She would always cheer me up and, man, could she make me laugh!  When I was moved to the oncology ward, Melissa would come by after her shift and stay and visit with me.  I love her like a big sister.  There were so many nurses that I formed close relationships with – like Carrie, Coral, Andy, and Cecelia, just to name a few. 

There was also one of the oncology nurses named Alan that I will remember forever.  If he was on shift, you knew it.  That was because he would make every child on the ward laugh and would brighten up our day.  I could tell you stories about Alan and his attempts at rapping, the syringe water fight, short sheeting my bed (he apparently took pity on me that day because he usually fills them with cheerios, too)… but I’ll have to stop there, because it would take hours to do Alan and his antics any real justice.I will always visit Jack and Lorri, the hospital school teachers, along with Dan from Balding for Dollars.

Mark, my almost big brother

  Last but not least, one of my closest friends at the hospital was Mark, one of the staff at the Starbucks at BC Children’s Hospital.

During my treatments, Mark kept my parents together, and I am grateful for all his after-shift visits and goodies.  Mark is the big brother I never had and am fortunate to have now.   

It is safe to say that I have met and become connected with many of the staff at BC Children’s Hospital.  I would like to thank them for all their support and caring.  They have become my extended family and I love each and every one of them.


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