An Interview with Paige’s Nurse Alan

December 10, 2009 at 3:01 am Leave a comment

BACKGROUND: I’ve worked in Oncology at BC Children’s Hospital since the beginning of 1991 – and I’ve been a registered nurse since 1980. (Yes, I’m a dinosaur!) Actually, I’ve worked in the UK, United Arab Emirates and at SickKids in Toronto, but always with children.

TRAINING: I trained in Hull, England, where I was born. I did my general nurse training over three years and followed that with a further year to become a “Registered Sick Children’s Nurse”.

FAMILY/PERSONAL PICTURE: I was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England. I will have been married for 25 years in February 2010 (My wife is either a saint or very foolish.) I have a daughter, Rhiannon, who started University this year. (All donations toward tuition gratefully accepted!) Also, I had a cat, but don’t have any pets now: it got drunk on catnip one Christmas, moved in with the neighbors, and never came back. Go figure.

WHAT YOU’D NEVER KNOW ABOUT ME: I’m really weird. (Oops, everyone knows that!!!!!) And I absolutely hate to dance. It’s not that I can’t dance; I just dislike it. But I like to cook.

WHY I BECAME A NURSE: When my Grandma was very ill, I was really impressed with her homecare nurse. I guess she inspired me to join the club.

IF I DIDN’T HAVE TO BE AT WORK: I’d probably go back to school and do something like fine carpentry. Then, I’d have to quit when I ran out of fingers!

SECRET FANTASY: Have enough money and time to just drop everything and travel wherever and whenever I liked. I’d also like to own an Aston Martin DB9. (I couldn’t afford the car, the insurance or the speeding tickets.)

HOBBIES: Football. (The real one, where you actually kick the ball. Soccer to other folks). I love to ski. I manage not to fall off a wakeboard every summer, and I’m a classic rock junkie.

PHILOSOPHY: The day I come to work and can’t have fun with the kids, it’s time to quit.


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