Simulation doll helps doctors increase patient safety

February 15, 2010 at 3:41 pm Leave a comment

Each year, thousands of children from across British Columbia travel to BC Children’s Hospital to seek the best pediatric care available in the province. Some of these children are critically ill and require complex medical treatments delivered by experienced and confident medical teams. This is where simulation training comes in.

Simulation Training

Over the last few years the methods used to train medical professionals have expanded dramatically as technology and training techniques advance. By using simulation technology, doctors-in-training are no longer confined to isolated procedures. Simulation labs help recreate entire clinical situations, giving clinicians the opportunity to develop skills in what is often identified as one of the major causes of errors and quality issues in health care: poor teamwork and communication.

Simulations are scenarios or environments designed to closely approximate clinical situations and can now allow health care teams to practice on realistic models and correct mistakes before treating patients. Some of the benefits of simulation training include:

• Realistic, experiential learning
• Time to build teamwork and communication skills
• Exposure to both common and very uncommon diseases
• Safe, risk-free learning environment – permits errors with no harm to patient
• Repetition of training until perfection is achieved

At BC Children’s Hospital

BC Children’s Hospital currently has a number of simulation dolls but no dedicated on site simulation space. On site simulation at BC Children’s is an absolute necessity in order to ensure our health care professionals are given opportunities in simulation-based training and research.

This will enable BC Children’s Hospital to become a national leader in this area and provide a venue for further collaboration and innovation with other universities and hospitals.

The future for pediatric simulation in Canada is bright, and the development of a simulation centre at BC Children’s Hospital will allow us to be a part of this important health care and educational revolution. Most importantly, it will help us provide the best and safest possible care for BC’s children.

If you would like to help, contact BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.


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