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Miracle Weekend, starting tomorrow, is a weekend full of inspiring stories, generous donations and celebrations. But, what you see on TV is only one part of the Miracle Weekend experience. 

Guests of Miracle Weekend arrive to the hospital site and are greeted by a carnival like atmosphere – tents, decorations and all the signage one needs to navigate themselves to the right spot.

Guests will register (we have a tent for that, with over 1,000 nametags alphabetized and ready for distribution) and then probably visit our food tent (adored and anticipated by staff, volunteers and donors – thanks for the great work catering team!). At the food tent they can meet other donors, volunteers and patient families, and kids can visit the play area tent which is right next door.

If they are a cheque presenter they will then head to the presentations tent. There they will confirm the amount of their donation and receive the ‘big cheque’ that they are going to present on TV (don’t you wish you could cash those big cheques?).  They will have their photo taken by one of our wonderful volunteer photographers, and then, when it is time to head to the studio, they will be escorted by a volunteer to the ‘Studio Launch Tent’ (much like the iphone, we have a ‘tent for that’).

As this is live TV, we need to have people close by, ready to bring to the studio. When it’s time, another volunteer will take them to their spot in the studio where they will present their cheque to the province!

It is always inspiring to learn about the different and creative ways that people from all over BC raise funds for the hospital. Make sure you tune in this weekend, and hopefully you will be inspired too!

Fun in the Food Tent!

Last year’s registration team – they could write their own baby name book with all the names they see

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