BC Children’s Hospital: A Special Place for Special Patients

Children are not small adults. They have unique medical needs that often require the expertise of multiple specialists across pediatric cardiology, oncology and other key areas. In British Columbia, only BC Children’s Hospital can provide this critical level of multidisciplinary care.

Treating our patients like kids goes beyond health care. BC Children’s receives nearly 75,000 patients each year and every one of them is away from home, school and the things that make them feel safe. That’s why our staff works extra hard to make this a place where children can do more than heal. At BC Children’s Hospital, they can also play, learn, laugh and grow.


About BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

BC Children’s Hospital Foundation raises money to support excellence and innovation in care, treatment and research for BC Children’s Hospital, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children and the Child & Family Research Institute.  The Foundation’s activities include major gift fundraising, planned giving and a wide variety of annual programs and events.  The Foundation is currently engaged in a $200-million Campaign for BC Children to build a new children’s hospital and ensure all BC children have access to a consistent standard of pediatric care.


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