Email may be old-fashioned, but it has one big advantage over every other way of communicating with people: almost everyone uses it.

That makes it a great way to reach out to people. But with so much spam out there, you want to make sure your email message makes a real, personal connection with people.

You can use your usual email setup – whether it’s your webmail account, or an application on your computer. Or you can use the email tool we’ve created for your Super Community site; it allows you to send follow-up messages to people you’ve contacted about donating.

Whatever tool you choose to use, here are a few ways to email with impact:

Use it a lot. When it comes to sending mail, reach out freely to people you know, or who’ve contacted you. Use email to ask your friends, family and neighbours directly to join your community, or make a donation; then use it to thank them personally for their donations and help.  And be sure to thank people who’ve attended your events.

Keep it real. Maybe you’ve seen slick, professional fundraising emails. Don’t feel like you have to mimic them. You already have a huge advantage: a relationship with the person you’re writing to. Write in your own voice, keep it conversational and authentic, and you’ll have the impact you want.

Come out with it. It’s hard for a lot of us to ask people to do something – especially if we’re asking for money. But people often read their email in a hurry, and if you’re dancing around what you really want, they may actually miss it. Tell them, and tell them early, that you’re asking for their help – and let them know exactly what you’d like them to do.

Pay it forward. Encourage the people you write to to pass your message along to their friends. Let them know it’s one more way they can help, and that it may be just as important as making a donation.

Go beyond your address book. Use email to thank people personally for their online help – for example, people who’ve forwarded a Twitter message, Facebook Group administrators who’ve reached out to their members on your behalf, or bloggers who’ve posted a story about your Super Community.

Make every email count. Here’s a simple step you can ask everyone in your community to take: donate your signature line, that little bit of text many people add automatically at the end of their email, to the Super Community. Edit your signature to say something like:

Be a Superhero for BC kids… and BC Children’s Hospital!
Visit my Super Community and donate:

Now every email you send can help bring more people to your Super Community site! Here’s how to edit your email signature in:

Think about more than money. There are a lot of things you can ask people to give you (although money is always appreciated!) For instance, you can ask them to send you their own stories of childhood illness or injury, or times when they’ve relied on BC Children’s Hospital. You can ask for their suggestions for the new hospital – invite them to join your Facebook page – ask them to come to an event – ask if they’d like to donate something to an online bake sale – invite them to submit photos or videos of a hospital visit – or see if they’d mind sending a simple awareness-raising message to 10 friends.



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