Chances are great that, no matter where else your friends are gathering, they’re also on Facebook.  With nearly 1.7 million British Columbians registered, Facebook can be a great way to reach people.

One thing to remember, though: we’re not the only ones to recognize that. And when we try to reach people on Facebook, we’re competing with their friends – as well as with advertisers and applications.

So if you want your Facebook communications to get through, they have to be highly personal and really compelling.  Here are a few ways you can make a difference on Facebook:

Plant your flag. Creating a Facebook Group or Page gives you a place where your community members can provide updates and content – photos, videos, links and stories – and where your friends can offer their support and encouragement.  Be sure to add a link to your Super Community site, and encourage everyone who comes to your page to visit the site and donate.

Send your friends the Be a Superhero video. Install the Be a Superhero application (http://apps.facebook.com/bcch-superhero/), then use the widget to send your Facebook friends their own personalized version of the Be a Superhero video.  Then…

Invite your friends to install the Be a Superhero app. You can use the application to send the invitation… but here’s the clever part: you also add a personal note. For example, you might say:

Please help my Super Community help kids across BC! Become a fan of our Facebook page at [address], then check out my Super Community site at [address]! Thanks!!

Make some new friends. There are lots of groups on Facebook, and chances are there are some you can ask for help: groups associated with your school, workplace or neighbourhood, for example. Find out who their administrator is (look for the “Admins” box in the column on the right), and send them a message asking – politely! – if they’d mind contacting their members to let them know about your Facebook Page and your Super Community site.


Run an awareness campaign. There are many ways to do this, but the gist is you’re asking friends and contacts to donate their Facebook status messages to your Super Community for a day. You can find one easy-to-follow recipe from the nice people at GiveForward: http:// giveforward.org/blog/fundraising-tip-of-the-week-16-create-a-24-hour-facebook-awareness-campaign – the basics go something like this:

  1. Create an event for the day of the awareness campaign a week or so in advance.
  2. Invite all your friends to join the event, and ask them to donate their status message for that day. Your message might read something like Want to help me win a cool contest and help BC kids at the same time? BC Children’s Hospital is looking for BC’s first Super Community – and my community is in the running! We’ve set up a Super Community page at [address] to raise money and awareness for the hospital. And starting at noon on Oct. 12, until noon the next day, we’re asking everyone to change their Facebook status message to “Help the BC Children’s Hospital @ [address]!” We need as many people as possible to make this work – please invite your friends to join too! Thanks so much!
  3. Ask several of your Super Community members to become admins as well, and to invite all of their friends.
  4. Remind the people you’ve invited several times, including the day before the event.
  5. A few hours before the event begins, change your status message… and get the ball rolling!

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