Getting started with your workplace community

Thanks so much for thinking about getting your workplace involved in supporting BC Children’s Hospital! Helping BC kids is everyone’s business, so we’re glad to see you and your coworkers are looking for ways to help.

You’ll find a lot of ideas here for making a real difference while having fun and pulling together. One of the great things about working together on a cause like this is you’re doing team building – the kind that can have a big impact on the life of a child… or many children.

We hope you’ll share your workplace community’s ideas with folks in other workplaces across BC. Please feel free to leave a comment or question on this page or in our blog. And you can always drop us a line at – we’re happy to do what we can to help, and we always love to hear how things are going.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas especially for workplace communities:

  • Talk to your employer about what resources may be available in your workplace. Maybe it’s just a meeting room from time to time, space on a bulletin board and a little flexibility on hours on the day of an event. Or maybe your employer will want to do more: letting you post an announcement on the intranet, write an article for the newsletter, or send a company-wide or department-wide email. They may also be willing to provide prizes and incentives to encourage participation.
  • If your employer is interested in making a large (or large-ish) donation, ask if they’ll make it in the form of matching funds, so they match whatever contributions your Super Community is able to raise. That’s a big incentive when you’re asking friends and coworkers to donate.
  • If your employer already has a charitable program, talk to their coordinator for advice about organizing and fundraising… as well as timing for events. Make sure you aren’t going to be conflicting with each others’ schedules!
  • Consider challenging other departments in your company or organization to see who can raise the most funds, or bring the most people out to an event, or reach some milestone first. Friendly rivalry, along with an enticing bet – losers will shave their heads? winners get coffee delivered to their desks for a week? – can help motivate a lot of positive activity.

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