Using the Be a Superhero! Video

There’s a fun, cool tool you can use to reach people, get their attention and ask them to do something for your Super Community.

It’s the BC Children’s Hospital Be a Superhero! video. You can use it to drop a friend’s name right into a newscast that asks if they might be BC’s latest superhero.

And it’s easy. Just take this URL:

and replace “firstname” and “lastname” with your friend’s first and last names. (No spaces, please!) For instance, if your friend’s name is Tanya Begoode, the URL would be

Copy the URL to your clipboard (Ctrl-C in Windows, Cmd-C on a Mac). Now go to an URL-shortening site like, paste the URL in and get a shorter URL (in this case, ).

So you could send your friend an email message like this:

Hi, Tanya –

I think you’re a superhero… and I’ve made you a video to prove it! Check it out at !

How can you prove what a superhero you are to BC kids? By joining us on Thursday, Oct. 8 at our Pancake Breakfast for Kids! For $20 you can have all the delicious pancakes you can eat, plus coffee, OJ… and a great start to your day, helping out BC Children’s Hospital!

It all happens from 7:30 to 9:30 am at the Philemon Room of the Chan Hotel, 345 Fergal Street. Learn more on our Super Community page, [web URL].

Let me know if you can make it! Call me at [phone number] or email me at [address].

See you there!

You can also use the video to invite friends to join your community, or to ask them to donate.

Want more ideas? Here are some possibilities:

  • Do a video of your own mock newscast, nominating a Super Kid or talking about your own Super Community, and post it to YouTube.
  • Post the video to your own profile on Facebook by using the Be a Superhero! application.
  • Use the video to ask a blogger or local journalist to cover your Super Community or an event you’re hosting.

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