When Online Fundraising and Real World Action Meet

Grind For Kids ambassador, Philipp Postrehovsky, is a self-admitted “grind addict.” In case you haven’t heard this term before, a grind addict is someone who can’t get enough of the Grouse Grind — someone who’s always on the look out for that extra drive to reach the top of the mountain, rain or shine.

Inspiration struck Philipp and with it came a new mission for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. We think the Grind for Kids project is a stellar example of when Web 2.0 and real life action meet and drive a movement, both on and offline. And hey, it’s win-win when BC kids benefit, right?

To learn more about Grind For Kids, click here and help spread the summer word! Meantime, enjoy our impromptu chat with our mountain man, Philipp Postrehovsky.

So Philipp, what is the connection between BC Children’s Hospital and the Grouse Grind?

“Last year I did the Grouse Grind 55 times and I thought why isn’t there an event that leverages Grind addicts like me to raise a mountain of money for BC Children’s Hospital?”

Hands down, your favourite online aspect of Grind for Kids?

“You make every Grouse Grind count! Each step you take raises money and gets you closer to the top of the mountain!”

Why is BC Children’s so important to you?

“I don’t have kids yet but I hope to one day. I want my kids and all other kids in BC to have the best care in the world! You never know when you’ll need BCCH but when you do, you know your children will be in the best hands possible.”

What’s your superpower?

“Spreading conversation through the power of social media!”

Have you got a favourite quote or personal motto?

“Yes. It’s by Charles Mingus and it pretty much sums up what drives everything I do in life: “Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple,  that’s creative.”


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Banking on a Brighter Future

There are a lot of things we love about the Scotiabank Half Marathon. For starters, Canuck Forward Mason Raymond is the Honorary Chair of the event (this is one charity that’s Canucks crazy year round.)

Mason announced an impressive $524,000 was raised for 29 local charities, which brings us to another favourite fact – BC Children’s Hospital is one of the 29 charities.

On July 21st, Scotiabank will award an additional $5000 to the top three teams who raised the most for charity. It’s not to late to donate to you favourite charity. Donations will be accepted until July 11th, 2010, so feel free to click here and find your friends and family who participated in the run.

Over 5,400 runners participated in the half marathon and five kilmetre races, setting a new record for the run. And, at the end of the day, there’s nothing better than watching people beat their personal best while running for a brighter future in the lives of BC kids. Well done!

For more details and complete race results, click here.

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Family rides in memory of young one

Battles are about how you live, not how you die, says Patrick Sullivan.

He has lived by this mantra ever since his youngest child, Finn, died from a rare form of childhood cancer in October 2008. Finn was three.


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A Miraculous Weekend!!

I think the total says it best:

$16,501,473 - our biggest total ever!


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Just over two hours in, and already Miracle Weekend is a success. We’ve had beautiful sunshine, inspiring stories and generous donations  – and there is so much more to come! Please check out the show on Global BC.  Tonight we are live until 11:00pm, and then from 10:00am to 6:00pm tomorrow. Enjoy the show!

The phone bank - they're ready to take your calls!

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One more sleep!

Miracle Weekend, starting tomorrow, is a weekend full of inspiring stories, generous donations and celebrations. But, what you see on TV is only one part of the Miracle Weekend experience. 

Guests of Miracle Weekend arrive to the hospital site and are greeted by a carnival like atmosphere – tents, decorations and all the signage one needs to navigate themselves to the right spot.

Guests will register (we have a tent for that, with over 1,000 nametags alphabetized and ready for distribution) and then probably visit our food tent (adored and anticipated by staff, volunteers and donors – thanks for the great work catering team!). At the food tent they can meet other donors, volunteers and patient families, and kids can visit the play area tent which is right next door.

If they are a cheque presenter they will then head to the presentations tent. There they will confirm the amount of their donation and receive the ‘big cheque’ that they are going to present on TV (don’t you wish you could cash those big cheques?).  They will have their photo taken by one of our wonderful volunteer photographers, and then, when it is time to head to the studio, they will be escorted by a volunteer to the ‘Studio Launch Tent’ (much like the iphone, we have a ‘tent for that’).

As this is live TV, we need to have people close by, ready to bring to the studio. When it’s time, another volunteer will take them to their spot in the studio where they will present their cheque to the province!

It is always inspiring to learn about the different and creative ways that people from all over BC raise funds for the hospital. Make sure you tune in this weekend, and hopefully you will be inspired too!

Fun in the Food Tent!

Last year’s registration team – they could write their own baby name book with all the names they see

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Today you should have a Second Cup

Handing out coffee and muffins to our hospital family - thanks Second Cup!

This morning Second Cup here at the hospital was generous enough to provide us with coffee and muffins to hand out – for free – to help us kick off Miracle Weekend!

I should note that they gave us real estate to do this right in front of their store – which undoubtedly affected their sales. Now that is a gift.

It gave us a great opportunity to let families, caregivers and staff of the hospital know what will be going on here this weekend! This will be the third year we’ve had the Miracle Weekend broadcast on the Children’s Hospital site. For years it had been a dream of our producer, Jayne Akizuki, to bring the show to our site, and I can see why. Having the show on site brings everything together. Our patients and families, the reason that we do this, are right there to cheer on our donors and volunteers, even if it’s from their room.

I think I can speak on behalf of all of my colleagues when I say that having the hospital in my line of site all weekend is an inspiring reminder of the importance of this show.

The money raised for Miracle Weekend supports the hospital’s most urgent needs. This could be equipment, research or education and leadership programs. You would be astounded by the cost of some of the equipment here. And, because children are not like adults, we need equipment in a variety of sizes. For example, we need a blood pressure cuff that will fit a newborn baby, another one to fit a big 16 year old boy, and then more to fit all the sizes in between.

It’s going to be an amazing weekend and I will update you throughout.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Miracle Weekend, please visit the website at www.miracleweekend.com.

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